Hello friend! I'm sorry you're having such a bad day. You deserve a lot better than what you're getting right now an while today might suck, tomorrow's gonna be better. You're awesome and nice and your account is fantastic ((and you should never say you hate yourself bc the one person you should love more than anyone else is yourself. Especially yourself bc you're rad as heck)) and I hope your day gets better<3

thank you so much <33 ily i rly appreciate this thanks awe 


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It's okay, and its alright to cry and scream or whatever. You'll be okay and you're super snazzy and everything will be okay and you can just cry it all out. *boops your nose and gives you a hug* you wanna talk about it?

thank you„ *hugs* and honestly yeah i wouldnt mind would you mind coming off anon? you dont have to though :)

Hey, you're a hella snazzy person and you're not trash and if you've had a bad day you know what to do? You go get some ice cream or chocolate or whatever foods you like the most because you deserve it and you're definitely not trash *squishes face*

thank u so much angel ily and im most likely attatched to you now thanks for being so nice i appreciate it a lot